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Go Forth and Plagiarize!

Yes, we have been given the opportunity of a lifetime. We Filipinos can now copy others intellectual property because we are so fly like that.


I cannot believe what I was reading the first time, so I read it again. And again, then reposted on Facebook, then read it again. And again. AND AGAIN.

And I still cannot believe it. Oh man!

They are encouraging the works of stupid and pretentious people. I can’t even think of a positive outcome for this decision. Oh yeah, there was this colleague of theirs that got out of trouble, stuff like that. But seriously people?! What good can come from this?

I started hating stuffs like this when I read people reposting intellectual works of others without even giving credit to their respective authors. They quote their works and just leave it at that. I hate these people. At the least, you can mention the author’s name, telling the world that the idea didn’t originate from your stupid rotting brains.

Stupid pretentious people, I hope your souls burn in hell, RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT.

Ugh. I am just so disgusted at these “educated” brats. And hey look, they rule our Supreme Court, how awesome is that?

This is YET the MOST OUTRAGEOUS thing they have ever done.


3 responses to “Go Forth and Plagiarize!

  1. Pulkit Kaushik October 28, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    It is not like that. The title of the post who’s link you gave is misleading. Just because the court gave one decision in favor of a plagiarist doesn’t mean that plagiarism has become a right. One the other hand, yes, a stupid decision.

    • AKDA October 28, 2010 at 1:33 pm

      Yeah, I didn’t mean that it has become a right. It was somewhat exaggerated. I think that by making that decision it does not set a good example to their fellowmen. I think that yes, it will become an exclusive right to those who they favor, maybe their friends, etc., and to those who have the authority, and people who have a lot of money to pay for this kind of exemption. And that sucks, because the last thing my country needs is a very bad example from higher authorities.

  2. led display November 5, 2010 at 7:52 am

    very happy to visit here!

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